The internet is buzzing with news about OS X Mountain Lionís emergence this summer and we can't help but get excited about how Apple will revolutionizing operating systems yet again. This time around, Apple took a big leap towards integrating the best parts of its iOS mobile interface into a desktop environment. Mountain Lion will synchronize all of your devices so so that they're all seamlessly intertwined--a wise move indeed. Here are five ways your favorite iOS features will integrate with OS X Mountain Lion.
1. iCloud

Without a doubt the best feature of Mountain Lion, iCloud connects all your Apple gadgets with one easy sign in page. Updates are instantly reflected across each device, so storing new contacts, adding photos, or deleting apps only happens once. All your personal preferences stay organized, just as youíd like.
2. Share Sheets

Whatever youíre doing: watching a video, uploading a photo of your friends, or looking up recipes for a party, Share Sheets allows you to show off your life with one simple click. And since Twitter has been blessed by the social media gods as Mountain Lionís golden network, you can tweet everything youíre doing in seconds.
3. Air Mirroring

In its simplest terms, Air Mirroring syncs your Mac with your HDTV. Whether used for business Skype meetings or watching downloaded shows, you can access everything from your computer on the big screen--making entertaining effortless.
4. iMessages

The new and improved version of iChat, iMessages takes instant messaging to a whole new level. Users can begin a conversation on their computer and continue it on any Apple device, sending simple chats, photos, videos, documents, and contacts to single friends or groups.
5. Game Center

Easily the most popular facet of mobile technology, games, are coming straight to your Mac. Now students, kids, and lunch-break workaholics can access everything from their iPadís Game Center directly on their computers. Imagine Angry Birds on the go--and in your home.